COVID-19 Legislative and Regulatory Information

The CARES Act Key Physician Provisions Part 1

The CARES Act Key Physician Provisions Part 2

The CARES Act Interim Funding Bill - Part 3.5

The CARES Act: New Phase 3 Provider Relief Funding

Emergency Medicine Update: Inpatient Hospital COVID Incentives Requirements Change

Provider Relief Fund – Deposit Attestation Portal

Provider Relief Fund – HHS Additional Allocations

Provider Relief Fund – HRSA Recipient Database

Provider Relief Fund – General Distribution FAQ

Provider Relief Fund – Request Additional Funds

Provider Relief Fund – Tranche 2

EMBC-Zotec Webinar: COVID Govt Programs-Tactical Steps for Pursuing, Part 1

EMBC-Zotec Webinar: COVID-19 Federal Legislation Updates, Part 2

EMBC – Zotec Webinar: Surviving and Thriving in the Next Phases of the Pandemic, Part 3

Webex Recording - The CARES Act Stimulus Opportunities and Tactical Steps for Pursuing

CMS Advanced Payments Program Part 1

CMS Advanced Payments Program Part 2

CMS Suspends Accelerated & Advanced Payment Program

CMS Updates 2021 Repayment Terms for APP Loans

CMS Interim Final Rule & Regulatory Relief

CMS Second Interim Final Rule Summary

CMS Approves The Use of E/M Codes for Telehealth - Emergency Medicine

CMS Releases Telehealth Toolkits for GPs

CSM Revises Telehealth Services - COVID-19 - Emergency Physician Education

CMS Revises Telehealth Services- COVID-19 - General Physician Education

COVID-19 Macro for Emergency Medicine

COVID-19 New CPT Code – 87635

COVID-19 New CPT Code – 99072