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A “SuperPAC” is an independent expenditure political committee that is not affiliated with any particular candidate or committee. It is restricted from contributing directly to any campaigns or committees, and it cannot coordinate any of its activities with any campaigns or committees. Because of this, the US Supreme Court has ruled that SuperPAC’s have a First Amendment right to advocate issues of interest to them, and in doing so, are not limited to contribution or expenditure limits like other campaigns or committee.

A SuperPAC is not limited on the contributions it may receive or how it spends its funds, except that it cannot coordinate with any campaign or committee, and it may not directly contribute to any campaign or committee. SuperPAC’s have the potential to raise large sums of money, and can advocate for issues of interest to its constituents through advertising, social media, the Internet, television, radio or other means. This issue advocacy has the potential to attract the attention of votes and can help shape the political debate on those issues or topics.

ZPAC accepts donations through its website, and also accepts donations by check. As part of any contribution, you will need to disclose certain information, including your name, address, and occupation.

ZPAC can accept contributions in any amount.

We regret that we cannot guarantee that all or part of any donation be directed to specific issues.

Contributions to political committees, including independent expenditure committees are not tax deductible.

ZPAC funds its own activities through contributions and other support. Zotec Partners is the sponsoring organization and provides some level of administrative assistance (ie. accounting services and some management/reporting services).

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Every dollar raised will be used to educate and advocate on any and all legislation or regulation impacting the business of healthcare. 

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