Terms and Conditions

About ZPAC

ZPAC functions as an independent expenditure political action committee (“PAC”) organized according to regulations promulgated by the Federal Election Commission. ZPAC functions as a 527 political entity under IRS regulations and files regular reports of its activities with the Federal Election Commission. These reports include detailed listings of contributors and expenditures. ZPAC does not directly contribute to any political campaign, nor does it coordinate any of its advocacy efforts with any candidate or campaign. Contributions to ZPAC are not tax deductible and may be subject to restrictions or limitations as required by the Federal Election Commission or other campaign/election authorities from time to time.


ZPAC is managed by Zotec Partners LLC, a national leading provider of revenue cycle management services to medical groups, health systems, and healthcare organizations. We are interested in working with contract lobbyists, government officials, healthcare trade organizations, and our physician clients to shape public policy that directly affects the business of healthcare providers at federal and state levels.

While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the content contained on this website, ZPAC makes no express or complied warranties regarding this information.

ZPAC Governance

ZPAC is governed by a Board of Directors who follow specified criteria to identify issue advocacy subjects and direct both marketing and fundraising activities, as well as expenditures. ZPAC adheres to strict disclosure requirements and comprehensive regulation by federal and state governments. Contributors should be aware that federal reporting requirements do require disclosure of contributor names and other information. The ZPAC Board of Directors determines, in its sole discretion, issues and methods for its advocacy. ZPAC is an independent expenditure committee and does not coordinate any issue advocacy with any campaign or committee.